Agape in Action is committed to the highest level of accountability. As a legal requirement for registered charities, Agape in Action must maintain control of and be accountable for all funds spent. In order to meet these requirements and to ensure that every dollar is spent to the maximum benefit of the intended recipients, Agape in Action

• works in close collaboration with the relevant CBM representatives at the regional or national level to ensure that funds are appropriately directed and accounted for;

• recruits local Agape in Action Representatives to oversee and coordinate Agape in Action activities in the field; each local representative is well respected in their community and have demonstrated years of service to those in need;

• establishes local committees to work with the Agape in Action representatives and oversee the administration of support;

• channels all funds through the Canadian, Australian and United States offices and then via local representatives. Funds never pass directly from sponsor to recipient. As much as possible, goods and services, rather than cash, are provided to families with sponsored children;

• requires that local Agape in Action representatives verify and sign off on all requests for support and applications for child sponsorship;

• requires all parents or guardians applying for child sponsorship on behalf of a child to sign a ‘responsible stewardship clause’ that outlines the expectations for those receiving support;

• requires that all purchases for child or project sponsorship be approved by the Agape in Action Board;

• requires that each purchase of goods or services for child or project sponsorship be recorded in an ‘expense log’ and be accompanied by a receipt;

• reviews receipts and expense logs from each local Agape in Action representative every 2 months;

• has a written agreement with local representatives as required by the Canada Revenue Agency and outlines in detail the specific roles and responsibilities of the local representatives

Agape in Action is a registered charity in Canada and the United States.


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