About Us

Agape in Action is a charity run by volunteers with offices in Canada, United States and Australia. Through Agape in Action you can sponsor a child, sponsor a project or contribute to providing life saving medicines and medical care.

We work closely with the CBM-UK and local ecclesias to ensure that our activities are coordinated and directed in the most effective way possible.

Although the needs are enormous, Agape in Action aims to affect change one child at a time, one family at a time. Our name reflects our intention of putting love (‘agape’) into action by responding compassionately to those who are in need. Our tagline ‘Life, Opportunity and Hope’ highlights our commitment to nurturing both the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children and families living with the effects of poverty.

  • by allowing children living in poverty access health care
  • by supporting families who have adopted orphaned or
    abandoned children
  • by providing support for life saving medicines and medical care to those who are otherwise unable to afford this care
  • by providing nutrition programs
  • by supporting children to go to school
  • by supporting the running of school
  • by supporting young people through a trade education
  • by connecting orphaned children with families who will support their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development
  • by providing educational materials to children


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