Building the Agape in Action Academy

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The Kimbilio Young People. The High School is being built just next to Kimbilio and most of these young people will be amongst the first cohort of AinA Academy students. They are an incredible group of young people and will be a very positive influence within the school.


Rough sketches of the tuition block and the administration block of the AinA Academy. The proper architectural plans are being kindly prepared for AinA by MTE consultants in Kitchener, Ontario. In early 2012, 20 refurbished used iMacs loaded with educational applications will be donated to the AinA Academy by a Waterloo organization called Project Macfric.! They will also ship the computers, install them in the school and provide the intitial training to the teachers.


The Kimbilio young people standing at where the high school will be build, God willing. This land was donated to AinA by Justus. Some additional land was also purchased to increase the area of the school property.


Planting the hedge to fence in the school compound. There was no doubt that there was going to be a school here!


The Agape in Action Academy will be located in the rural village of Kamukuywa in western Kenya. Kamukuywa is situated 7000 ft above sea level and is a very fertile and beautiful area of Kenya. Kamakuywa is the site of the Lela Children's Home and Kimbilio.

This satellite image from 2001 shows the school land. The red line indicates the land that Justus donated to Agape in Action and the blue line is the land that was purchased.The ecclesia hall and Kimbilio are all the the same area. Lela Childre's Home is just a short walk away. God willing, a volunteers quarters will be built on this site for long and short term volunteers who wants to teach at the school or help out with other AinA projects in the area.


Mary was the first orphan to be taken in by Justus and Annette when she was 5 years old. She is now completing a secretarial course and will work at the AinA Academy as the school's administrator.


After 11 years of waiting, Justus finally has power connected to his property. It all happened very suddenly. In less than 3 days the power poles and electricity cables were put in place and power was connected to Kimbilio! What was supposed to cost $20,000 USD was done for free! Justus' reputation for helping his community, and God's blessing, resulted in the Kenyan government bringing in the power without cost. It will be a great help for the school. Check out the short video here




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